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Staarship Navigo
ERP for CHAs and Freight Forwarders

Staarship Navigo is a comprehensive software system that intelligently optimizes all business processes and transactions, ensuring accuracy, boosting efficiency and slashing business cycle time that translates into MORE business.
Staarship Navigo enables forwarders to unify and automate key operation and execution processes, providing increased management control and visibility into the entire logistics chain.
Core areas of this integrated system supports your freight/contract negotiation, management processes, documentation requirements, billing, shipment tracking and scheduling across multiple service providers.
Navigo is in effect an advanced management tool that enables you to Plan, Execute, Manage and Monitor your entire business processes thereby optimizing service levels.

Staarship Navigo Modules:

  • Sea Exports
  • Sea Imports
  • Air Exports
  • Air Imports
  • Billing
  • Track and Trace
  • Reports

The Staarship Navigo Benefits:

System Benefits

  • Browser based system with intuitive interface
  • Completely Master driven
  • Secure Organization wide access
  • Anytime Anywhere access to the system
  • Centralized Maintenance
  • Flexible Synchronization schedules
  • Completely scalable
  • Future Compatibility
  • EDI enabled

Management Benefits

  • Single point information access across enterprise
  • Multi parameter query builder across the system
  • Real time reports resulting in improved decision making ability
  • Better control over Personnel & Accounting
  • Unified tracking of jobs at cargo & document level
  • Exception Reporting & Alerts
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Authorizations set at application level

Staff Benefits

  • One time data entry - Zero duplicate data entry
  • Consistent view of job status & schedules
  • Management of contracts, charges & freights
  • Automate billings
  • Consistent Reports across departments
  • Retrievable historical repository
  • Reduced turnaround time, boosting productivity

Value Added Benefits

  • Advance License Management
  • In built customs duty & tariff content search engine

To find out more about what the Staarship Solutions can do for you

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