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Staarship's objective is to introduce process efficiencies within the enterprise for both shippers and service providers. Staarship offers a host of value-added services and products, both web based and client server, aimed at simplifying existing workflows.

Staarship Beacon for Shipping Agents & NVOCCs

Staarship Beacon is the most comprehensive ERP system for Shipping Agencies and NVOCCs. Through Staarship Beacon, we offer innovative solutions to improve efficiencies by integrating all the activities across various departments within the enterprise. This state of the art, end-to-end solution optimizes key business processes covering Sales, Customer Service, Documentation, Logistics, Operations, Management Reporting and Finance throughout the Export and Import cycles.

Staarship Navigo for CHAs and Freight Forwarders

Staarship Navigo is a comprehensive software system that intelligently optimizes all business processes and transactions, ensuring accuracy, boosting efficiency and slashing business cycle time that translates into MORE business.
Staarship Navigo enables forwarders to unify and automate key operation and execution processes, providing increased management control and visibility into the entire logistics chain.
Core areas of this integrated system supports your freight/contract negotiation, management processes, documentation requirements, billing, shipment tracking and scheduling across multiple service providers.
Navigo is in effect an advanced management tool that enables you to Plan, Execute, Manage and Monitor your entire business processes thereby optimizing service levels.

Staarship Vega for Shippers

Staarship Vega is a comprehensive integrated shipper solution covering critical aspects of the logistics chain starting from Order Receipt to Delivery. The system has all the key workflows built-in and enables data capture and visibility across the various functions of Marketing, Production Planning, Packing, Dispatch and Logistics.

A great opportunity to streamline your entire shipping requirements!

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